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[ Early projects ]

Salesforce.com - Drupal integration

I have worked on the integration of Salesforce.com database with Drupal installation for Engineers Without Borders UK (EWB-UK).

  • EWB-UK presidents listing - pulling information about EWB-UK branch presidents directly from Salesforce.com database to the website. Information is displayed based on the user's permissions. (custom Drupal 6 module, Salesforce SOAP API, PHP and HTML)
  • EWB-UK Library - similar to EWB-UK presidents listing - provides EWB-UK Library to public website from Salesforce.com database. (custom Drupal 6 module, in cooperation with Monika Zamojska)
  • EWB-UK webform integration - sending data from Drupal webforms (e.g. contact form) to the Salesforce.com database objects. (utilising custom Drupal 6 module Salesforms by Ben Kyriakou)


  • zbavsaodpadu.sk

  • HR-CUBE (hr-cube.sk) - Website of comapny which specialise in human-resources, career development and headhunting. Website is in Slovak language. Created for it-crowd.sk.

  • Apple Authorised Training Centre for Education (AATCE) at Slovak University of Technology - Training centre website -- Built in Drupal 7. Simple website with bilingual content (English and Slovak), courses registration, calendar. Google Analytics.

  • Lucabear (lucabear.eu) - Patented safety baby mattresses -- Built in Drupal 7. Simple website in three languages (English, German and Czech). Website is still in development.

  • gdee.org - Interesting project co-ordinated by Engineers Against Poverty and supported by UKaid from the Department for International Development. "The project aims are to build the knowledge and understanding of the challenges and prospects for development amongst academic staff and enable them, through embedding global issues in the curriculum, to impart this knowledge and understanding to engineering undergraduates." -- Simple website, built in Drupal 7.

  • Slovak Haemophilia Society (shz.sk) - A community website of an organisation that helps children and adults with serious inborn disorder - Haemophilia. -- Website is built in Drupal 6. Some of the features: membership area with private content, calendar, photo gallery, web form applications - for children/adult camps, organisation membership application; Facebook integration; using Google Analytics for web analytics. This website is in the Slovak language.

Remote control and monitoring of devices over the internet


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